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Rental vs B&B

Posted on Tue September 28, 2021 in How to Become a B&B or Guesthouse.

We are growing in our presence and are looking to work with Landlords to assist rentals where no stable long term tenants are identified.

Here we discuss the risks attached to both models. I have had both and it is considerably more lucrative to attract travellers who will not damage your apartments and pay cash upfront.

We have 2 apartments in complexes on our books so far and we earn more than double the rate of the rentals for similar units.

Rental Market is in a Crisis
If you are battling to fetch the rental for your apartment(s) due to the property market decline (esp. rentals) then consider our packages below. Depending on the level of risk and investment you are prepared to commit to, we have a package to increase your income and we will do all the work for you!!

We have Risk Reward options or we pay the lease pay your costs and then we also keep the profits!!

What We Do

  • Improve your property up to standard to attract new guests and keep them returning. 
  • Furnish the unit to meet the area demand and expectation. (depends on the agreement)
  • Market the property - direct and through all the popular agents, On-Line.
    Cleaning, Covid Compliance, Towels and Linen, Amenities, Teas and Coffees.
  • Book Guests in and out handle the keys.
  • SEO - search engine optimisation
  • Pricing Strategy.
  • Report to you.

What you Do

  • Provide us with a commitment and your property - month to month - optout easily.
  • Access reports.
  • Relax and watch your income grow.
  • Our Expertise
  • Experience in running this business.
  • Digital Marketing Experts.
  • Know how to handle all types of clients.