Term Tenants Vs Guesthouse

Believe it or not!! Short term tenants are more respectful and pay more!!

Short Term Tenants

  • Pay cash up front at about 300% or your daily monthly rates!!
  • Stay for 1-5 days.
  • Are travelling usually on business.
  • Dont hang up Pictures or paint walls.
  • Would come back if they enjoyed their stay.
  • Sign Indemnities and respect your apartment/house.

Long Term Tenants

  • Are more likely to "customise" your apartment/house to their "unique" tastes.
  • Will default on rentals during the lease or in the last month try use the deposit.
  • Hang pictures up without asking.
  • .Invite friends and family for parties and upset the neighbours.
  • Break fixtures without letting you know.
  • Sub-let all or parts of the unit without your permission.
  • Complain about everything to get out of paying rentals.

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