• Live Music
    Various Artists Every Day
  • Food Stalls
    Loads of Different Choices of Food

    Waffles to Burgers and More

  • Kids Play Area
    For The Whole Family
  • Craft Beer
    Range of Craft Beer

    Try all the Tastes

Sandton Farmers Market

At Sandton Farmers Market, we were inspired and motivated to create an experience to address community needs and provide a healthy way of life, while serving up an incredible atmosphere. We believe in providing healthy, locally-produced foods that are easy to access for fresh meals at home. Come experience a fun and delicious atmosphere unlike any other! You’ll feel right at home with us at Sandton Farmers Market

Come down to Sandton Farmers market and enjoy a range of activities for the family, from shopping to live music and wine tastings

Live Music, food stalls, kids play area, Craft Beer, Wine and Cocktails