Rental vs B&B

Posted on Tue September 28, 2021 in How to Become a B&B or Guesthouse.

We are growing in our presence and are looking to work with Landlords to assist rentals where no stable long term tenants are identified.

Here we discuss the risks attached to both models. I have had both and it is considerably more lucrative to attract travellers who will not damage your apartments and pay cash upfront.

We have 2 apartments in complexes on our books so far and we earn more than double the rate of the rentals for similar units.

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18 Ladies Enjoy Dorothy's 40th Birthday - Our biggest group yet!

Posted on Tue April 13, 2021.

This last weekend we were fortunate enough to be chosen as a venue for Dorothy's 40th birthday.

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Romantic Stays for Couples

Posted on Tue March 16, 2021.

Peaceful private weekend in a romantic getaway here in the heart of Gauteng.

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