• Outside Bar and Entertainment at Paulshof Guesthouse
    Outside Bar and Entertainment on the Patio
  • Sylvia's 50th Birthday
    Sylvia's 50th Birthday
  • 18 people at Dorothy's birthday party at Paulshof Guesthouse
    Dorothy's 40th

18 Ladies Enjoy Dorothy's 40th Birthday - Our biggest group yet!

Posted on Tue April 13, 2021.

This last weekend we were fortunate enough to be chosen as a venue for Dorothy's 40th birthday.

The name of the game was not sleep however we managed to procure 6 single beds plus 2 sleeper couches in addition to the 5 double beds.

On Sunday morning there were 18 wary but happy guests all vowing to come back soon but to stay for 3 days and not just one - always welcome of course.